Juventus vs Lazio

Juventus vs Lazio: Despite the undefeated record so far, Massimiliano Allegri’s players often fight against teams in the top half. From a perspective point of view, in addition to the 3-1 victory against Napoli in September, Juventus and the team in the first half of the standings could not produce more than three goals.



A game in the Serie A returned this weekend, and the day of the match was held in the capital. The first place of Juventus remains unbeaten, occupies the sixth place in the Lazio team. This season, Juventus are 18 points ahead of Naples with 18 wins and 2 losses, which is one of the difficult tests for their undefeated season.

At the same time, Lazio led the first four with 9-5-6 and scored 32 points. The club lost to Turin in the last two leagues and lost the first four in Naples, and in the coming weeks, the game continued to play some difficult games.

Juventus: In recent weeks, the team’s strong defense has shone. In the last three games, Juventus have not lost the ball. In those games of more than 270 minutes, they only fired 4 times and dominated each game in the process.

Lazio: This club in Rome keeps shooting at the foot. In the game against Torino, the team admitted the penalty and saw that one player was sent off and lost two points. In Naples, the focus of the error caused Naples to score twice in four minutes, and Lazio, once again, let another player be sent off. In the last leagues, the spiritual approach has not appeared, and now it is more difficult to make the best team in the country.

The last ten meetings between the two parties also failed to produce more than three objectives.

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